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VOUGE1, the largest perfume store in Texas, was founded with a vision to be globally acknowledged for the quality and excellence of its products. The company promises its customers elite standards and perfect qualities.

Over the years, VOUGE1 has achieved a competitive edge by providing premium products that suit the needs of its consumers. The company offers quality products out of a keen understanding of consumer needs and keeping up the company's values of innovation and customer satisfaction.

To succeed we believe that we need total commitment and highest standard of ethical and corporate behavior in order to provide the best for our consumers, stakeholders and employees.


Currently testing this out for the first time, from a really old bottle. Im not too familiar with youth-dew but i see the similarities. Except that this is missing the herby/talc i smelt in youth-dew. This is so smooth, warm and spicy, sniffing it in deeply feels like heaven and its not even aggravating my nose. I think of candles, incense, lotion and soap when i smell this .

Thierry Mugler

The mystery of the name drove me to create a fragrance that seems to be all things to all people, but itself is certain and assured, whilst creating ambiguity in others.

Roja Dove

At Vouge1 we believe in the power of scent. That’s why we’ve dedicated our lives to bringing you the best fragrance products and the most iconic scents in the world.

We carry authentic perfumes from designers, exclusive perfumes, private labels, and hard-to-find perfumes, colognes and related gifts for men, women, and children that cannot be found locally. As a company, we are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and a shopping experience that is unparalleled. We strive to provide our customers with high quality products at discount prices.

Our mission is to develop Largest Fragrances stores in Texas and create top quality products and brands in constant evolution that satisfies the needs of end-consumers, working as a team with distributors and the most prestigious store across the globe. In order to uphold this mission our most important values are:

  • To be creative and innovative
  • To aim for product excellence
  • To create and build strong brands

Vouge1 is proud to offer the best perfumes and customer service possible. We strive to be elegant, persistent, bold, knowledgeable, and multilingual so that we can provide you with superior products and service. We believe these qualities set us apart from the competition.

At Vouge1, Largest Fragrances stores in Texas, we identify each perfume by color-coded tabs and the origin of the ingredients so that we can be transparent about what we sell. We use these measures to provide an excellent and lasting impression on our customers.

We have a firm belief that if we provide our customers with excellent customer service and high-quality products, they will keep coming back. That is why Vouge1 India is proud to have a diverse background in fragrance knowledgeable, bilingual or trilingual, and customer-service oriented associates on our team.