The Secrets of Fragrance - Revealed

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The Secrets of fragrance - Revealed

Fragrance plays a great part in our lifestyle though it is invisible. The fragrance is a feel and adds new style in person and has a powerful impact on how people see and remember you. A good cologne offers great benefits to make you more attractive and confident. More than 60 percent men and women are not wearing fragrance on regular basis and the main reason is lack of basic information on how to choose and use the colognes and perfumes. 50% men and women are just using fragrances without considering the type. Here is a detailed secret of fragrance.

Why wear a fragrance?

A fragrance can foster the deep emotional connections with the people. Did you know that fragrance is someone lakh times more sensitive than your vision? Yes. Smell triggers the memories better than any other senses. A nice fragrance can add overall impression. We all know that dressing well can increase the confidence levels of the men & women and you should know that wearing cologne enhances that feeling of being confident. So, mend women should understand the importance of choosing and wearing the right fragrance at right time.

 Confused with the terms Fragrance, Perfume, Toilette, and cologne?

 Fragrance can be worn by both male and female and it is the generic term used for the perfume. It is in many different forms that fall into these below categories.

Cologne is the old term of perfume which is used for the masculine scents that are fresh, fruity, and light and composed of 4% perfume oils, alcohol, and water. They generally last about 2 hours.

The Toilette is like light spray with composing of 5 to 15% pure perfume essence that is dissolved in the alcohol and usually last about 3 hours.

Perfume is genderless where anyone can use and it is the best term for the description of a fragrance. It contains up to 20% of the pure perfume essence which lasts more than 8 hours.


The Fragrance Pyramid

The fragrances are of different types of notes that comprise the scent that includes the top, medium, base notes.

 The top notes are initial one which smells light that hits our nose immediately after the application on the skin. The top notes generally last from 15 minutes to two hours. The general top notes of the scents are floral, citrus and fruity.

The Medium Notes are also called as a heart notes as it is considered as the main element of the scent. It lasts more than five hours after being sprayed. They are like heavier floral, scents like jasmines and spice scents.

The Base notes are the last one that develops these scents have the bolder notes that are noticeable later in the day. The base notes lay the foundation and it determines the how long a scent can last on your skin. They last more than 10 hours after being sprayed.

One should consider the above notes and types while choosing the right fragrance. You can check these notes in detail